Code Makes Me Cry

Code Makes Me Cry

(because let's face it)

Hi, I'm Eva Larumbe and my name is a four-letter word in JavaScript that has almost certainly made people cry.

Have fun, code more, cry less

Since I discovered I could explain code to people, I haven't stopped.
I've always been a passionate learner, and it makes my heart happy to pay it forward, getting junior developers excited about all the cool stuff we can build with code.

I'm excited about long-term ideas like starting a YouTube channel and creating structured courses, but for now, here are a couple of starter resources.

In 2019, I taught front-end web dev in a full-time bootcamp (we called ourselves the Wi-Fighters). Along the way, we collected some curated entry-level materials in an Airtable, that you might find helpful if you're just getting started.